Trollpants Game Studio / 2015 / iOS & Android, 2D card-based memory game, ad-based

’52 Swipe Up’ was a card-based memory game playing with and challenging the idea that the brain only has the capacity to remember a maximum of 4 “chunks” at the same time. The goal is the remember all the required cards before the time runs out. It came out in 2015 on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

For ’52 Swipe Up’ I wanted to design a less complex game than Witch Wing that was more fit for mobile, with portrait orientation and playable using only the thumb. I focused on:

  • The core game loop.
  • The overall game concept and core mechanics.
  • The card system design with over 250 unique rule combinations.
  • Tuning the difficulty curve.
  • UI/UX (tutorial, user testing, usability).
  • Achievements design.

Additionally, I was the producer on the project using Scrum, I did app store optimization, wrote the app description copy and designed the ads monetization in the game.

Unfortunately, soon after I left, the company went out of business and the game has been pulled from all stores. Above is salvaged screenshots (the trailer has been lost). You can read the saved app store listing and download the .apk here.