Ravn Studio / 2016 / iOS & Android, farming simulation, premium

‘Little Grey Fergie Saves the Day’ was released on iOS & Android in July 2016 as a premium game about farming, building and cooking through a simplified lens aimed at children from 3 years and up in co-operation with the IP holder Fantasi-Fabrikken.

Game ranks upon release:

• #1 Kids (iPad/iPhone, Norway)
• #1 Family (iPad/iPhone, Norway)
• #1 Simulation (iPad/iPhone, Norway)

Link: iOS | Android

For this game I focused on being responsible for all parts of the game from pre-production to delivery.

My work included:

  • Taking my Creative Director and CEO’s initial concept and molding it into a full-fledged game design based on business goals.
  • Constantly working and communicating with the IP holders to make sure our shared vision of the game stayed the same through meetings, milestone presentations and playtests.
  • Establishing core design pillars to guide the vision of the game and communicate it to the team.
  • Designing an engaging core game loop while avoiding a severe content treadmill.
  • Content design: defining game space/environment, use of all characters in engaging way without breaking IP, buildings, ingredients and crops, what they do and what they look like.
  • System design: balancing all elements in the game such as cost, grow time, build time, required ingredients and when new upgrades unlock and what they cost. Designing infinite drains such as cosmetics and a light gacha system using only in-game currency (premium game), and systems to make the player come back (stop robbing scrap dealers).
  • UI/UX: designed so that a genre usually designed for adults 35+ could be understood by children through rigorous playtests, knowledge analysis as well as only imagery and clear symbols, voice lines and on-boarding tutorial. Made menu-flowchart and mockups for all (30+) screens and menus.
  • Audio/Music: defined all music to be used in the game as well as all audio files and voice over script. Kept these up to date for localization in Norwegian and Northern Sami. Worked with composer throughout the project.