Trollpants Game Studio / 2014 / iOS & Android, endless 2D flyer, free-to-play

‘Witch Wing’ was released on iOS App Store and Google Play in October 2014 as a procedural free-to-play game with a focus on using upgrades and consumables to get further than last time to beat your friends and yourself. Witch Wing was also part of the Amazon Select program for the Fire Phone and launched with achievements, leaderboards and cloud save for all three platforms.

For this game, I focused on:

  • Designing a good core game loop.
  • The design of rules for checkpoints, score, enemies, objects and the procedural algorithm.
  • Achievements design.
  • UI/UX (tutorial, user testing, usability).

I also did all the system design, such as:

  • Upgrade costs.
  • Balancing upgrades and their relative effects.
  • Increase in score + distance for each checkpoint.
  • Monetization design (shop design, soft currency vs. hard currency, creating engaging drains).

I started the initial concept by paper prototyping the procedural algorithm by using stop-motion video on Vine (below). Additionally, I was the producer on the project using Scrum, I did app store optimization and wrote the app description copy.

Unfortunately, soon after I left, the company went out of business and the game has been pulled from all stores. Below is the trailer for the game (with very bloated score numbers). You can read the saved app store listing and download the .apk here.